The second eHealth Strategy for NHSScotland was published 12 September 2011.

The Strategy contains a foreword by the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Cities Strategy, and sets out the Scottish Government’s vision for eHealth in 2017. The strategy is ambitious; it has the citizen at its centre; and seeks to build on the significant progress that we have collectively made over the course of the last three years.

Five new strategic eHealth aims have been developed and these should be the focus of all eHealth activity over the next six years. They are to use information and technology in a coordinated way to:

  • maximise efficient working practices, minimise wasteful variation, bring about measurable savings and ensure value for money;
  • support people to communicate with the NHSS, manage their own health and wellbeing, and to become more active participants in the care and services they receive (Citizen eHealth);
  • contribute to care integration and to support people with long term conditions;
  • improve the availability of appropriate information for healthcare workers and the tools to use and communicate that information effectively to improve quality; and
  • improve the safety of people taking medicines and their effective use.

Rather than focusing on products and technology, the new Strategy concentrates on the benefits and outcomes experienced by both citizens and healthcare workers flowing from eHealth enabled service re-design, with 9 Scottish Spending Review 2011 deliverables to be achieved across NHSScotland by 2014.

The Strategy can be assessed and downloaded at


We have published a revised Records Management: NHS Code of Practice.  The code is intended to be a guide to the required standards of practice in the management of records for those who work within, or under contract, to NHS organisations in Scotland.

We have also published seven Guidance Notes have also been published to supplement the updated Code of Practice and provide practical guidance for those working at operational level within the Boards. 

IT in Support Of Infection Control 

This report sets out the results of an independent evaluation of four different pilot projects which aim to improve patient location information, infection tracking and surveillance capabilities in the acute hospital sector across NHSScotland. The main focus of the report is to highlight lessons learnt and good practice observed across each of the pilot sites using a common evaluation framework. 

The full survey report is available in pdf form below.IT in Support of Infection Control

eHealth – How it can help youeHealth - How it can help you

This is a short booklet encapsulating the challenges, benefits, priorities and progress of eHealth in a quick and easy read. A pdf copy is attached below. feel free to print it off for use at meetings, workshops, exhibitions etc.

eHealth – how it can help you

eHealth’s Architecture and Design Vision – mapping the way ahead

The eHealth Architecture Vision describes the future for the way we use information systems to support healthcare in Scotland. The Architecture & Design Team are working with colleagues across NHS Scotland to translate this vision into tangible roadmaps that will build on existing capabilities and embrace new technologies to realise the vision. Download a copy of the full A&D Vision document or its Executive Summary in pdf format below.

Architecture & Design Vision  Architecture & Design Executive Summary

New Policy Guidance on eReferral and Triage HEAT Target

The Scottish Government eHealth Directorate has produced a policy guidance document Electronic Referral Management (eTriage HEAT Target) for Health Board delivery teams. This document provides a detailed explanation of the target including brief and clear instructions, and incorporates FAQs and case studies based on feedback received from stakeholders. These provide answers to some common queries and also highlight best practice from across NHS Scotland. You can find the Guidance documents in pdf form below.

eTriage Policy Guidance eTriage Policy Definition

 eHealth Strategy Document 2008-11 

The eHealth Strategy for 2008-11 was launched by Health Minister Nicola Sturgeon at the NHS Conference on 24 June 2008. The strategy focuses on how improvements will be supported as part of the journey towards electronic patient records and electronic communication becoming fully integrated within NHSScotland.

Download a web-converted copy of the strategy at the following link:

 Or from a pdf copy below.eHealth Strategy 2008-11

NHS Code of Practice on Health Records

The NHS Code of Practice on Health Records is a guide to the standards of practice in the management of records for NHS organisations in Scotland. The guidance aims to establish, as part of the wider information governance framework, records management best practice regarding the creation, use, storage, management and disposal of NHS records.
The Code of Practice can be accessed at the following link:

July 7th, 2009